Max & Leon (La Folle histoire de Max et Léon)

A Kid (Le Fils de Jean)

The Outsider (L’outsider)

The Country Doctor (Medecin de Campagne)

After Love (L’Economie du couple)

In Her Name (Au nom de ma fille)

Down By Love (Eperdument)

The Student and Mr. Henri

Made in France

Paris, Love, Cut

Sleepless Night in Paris (Quand je ne dors pas)

The Assistant (La Volante)

The Great Game

Marseille (De Guerre Lasse)

Next Time I’ll aim for the heart

In the Shadow of Women

The Chef’s Wife

Number One Fan (Elle l’adore)

The Great Man

Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor

The Silenced Walls

The mafia kills only in summer

On the Way to School

Viva la Liberta

Becoming Traviata

Relationship Status: It’s complicated

Billy and Buddy (Boule et Bill)